Roof gutters

Well-Maintained Roof Gutters Protect Your Home from Damage

Rain gutters may seem like a minor home feature, but they’re actually your home’s first line of defense against a severely destructive force of nature — water. Clogged, dirty or badly maintained rain gutters can have a literal trickle-down effect, as water that isn’t diverted properly gets into the roof, windows, walls and even the

hanging lights on gutters

Do Holiday Lights Right & Avoid Rain Gutter Repair

Many West Jordan homeowners love putting up Christmas lights outdoors for the holiday season. And who can blame them? Lights are beautiful, festive and make you feel all warm inside. But what if you damage your gutters while you’re trying to hang your Christmas lights? That would sap a bit of your holiday cheer. See


How to Clean Your Siding

Is your siding dingy, mildewed or streaked with bird droppings? If so, your home’s appearance isn’t likely doing much for its curb appeal. As siding installers in West Jordan, the team at Capitol Exteriors has some advice for you about how to clean your siding so your home looks beautiful again. Trees Aren’t Good for Siding

gutter repairs

Fall’s Coming. Time for Gutter Services in West Jordan.

As fall approaches, it’s time for residents of West Jordan to think about getting their gutters cleaned before winter hits. Your gutters do an important job in carrying water safely away from your home. When you get your gutters cleaned, this is the time you often find out about the need for rain gutter repair.

vinyl siding

Need Siding Repair in West Jordan? Call Capitol Exteriors.

How is your vinyl siding holding up this summer? If it’s cracking, warping or blistering, it may be time to call a siding contractor in West Jordan. Capitol Exteriors provides siding repair and installation for homes throughout the area. Vinyl Siding Vinyl is a low-cost, low-maintenance, versatile material. Over the years, it has come to

painting rain gutters

Should You Paint Your Rain Gutters?

If your rain gutters aren’t looking their best, should you paint them? The answer to this question depends on several factors, the main one being the material your rain gutters are made out of. At Capitol Exteriors, we do rain gutter installation of all types on homes and businesses throughout West Jordan, Utah. Vinyl Rain

vinyl siding

Keep Bugs Out with Vinyl Siding

Summer is almost here, and you know what that means: bugs. It’s a constant battle trying to keep bugs such as ants and flies out of your home. Worse is bugs that take up residence in the framing of your structure. They’re harder to get rid of and can even destroy parts of your home.

downspouts for rain gutters

The Importance of Downspouts for Rain Gutters

You know how important rain gutters are to the integrity of your home — they collect the rainwater that falls on your roof and carry it safely away. But where does the water go? It should go far enough away from your home so that it is no longer a threat to the structure. That’s

rain gutter repair

Poorly Functioning Gutters Can Cost Homeowners Big Time

Your rain gutters are designed to carry water safely away from your West Jordan or Orem home. But when your rain gutters are not doing their job right, it puts your home at risk. You may think a leaky or sagging gutter is no big deal, but the experts at Capitol Exteriors explain exactly what

rain gutter repair

Get Rain Gutter Repair Before Spring Rains Arrive

It’s spring here in West Jordan, Utah — and across the U.S. — and that means heavier and more frequent rainfall. Are your rain gutters up to the task? Capitol Exteriors provides rain gutter repair and rain gutter installation for homes and businesses throughout the West Jordan and Orem areas. Rain Gutter Size When it

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