Fall’s Coming. Time for Gutter Services in West Jordan.

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As fall approaches, it’s time for residents of West Jordan to think about getting their gutters cleaned before winter hits. Your gutters do an important job in carrying water safely away from your home. When you get your gutters cleaned, this is the time you often find out about the need for rain gutter repair. Capitol Exteriors provides rain gutter repair and installation on homes and businesses throughout West Jordan.

Twice-Yearly Rain Gutter Cleaning

Best practices for rain gutter maintenance is to get them cleaned twice a year, in spring and fall. However, if your house has a lot of tree cover — especially pine trees — you may need to do it more often. Even if you have gutter guards or gutter inserts, it’s still good to take them out and clean them at least once a year.

Especially if you have a two-story house, it can be hard to tell if anything is wrong with your gutters. Sometimes you can hear something wrong with your gutters before you see it. A heavy splashing sound can mean your gutter has a blockage and the water is spilling over the edge and landing on the patio or walkway. A dripping noise that continues long after the rain stops may mean water is pooling somewhere and leaking out slowly.

Rain Gutter Repair in West Jordan

Clogged gutters are a problem not just because they won’t carry the water away from your home efficiently, but because the wet debris gets heavy and may pull the gutter away from the roof. If you have steel gutters, allowing water to pool in them may hasten rusting.

It can also be difficult to notice when downspouts have become detached and need repairing. Both downspouts and downspout extenders should be in proper working order to protect your home.

Rain Gutter Replacement & Installation

Both vinyl and aluminum rain gutters last up to 20 years with normal usage. For that reason, at Capitol Exteriors, we do many more gutter repairs than we do rain gutter replacements and installations. When we install gutters in West Jordan, they last a good long time.

However, it’s not just rain and leaves that can damage rain gutters. Sometimes a branch or an entire tree will fall on or near a home and take out a portion of the gutter system. That’s when you need an experienced gutter contractor in West Jordan, because we have to install new pieces that connect seamlessly to the old ones.

Best West Jordan Gutter Company

When you have a problem with your gutters, whether they’re vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel or copper, call the best gutter company in West Jordan: Capitol Exteriors. We do gutter repairs, gutter replacements and gutter installations.

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