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Summer is almost here, and you know what that means: bugs. It’s a constant battle trying to keep bugs such as ants and flies out of your home. Worse is bugs that take up residence in the framing of your structure. They’re harder to get rid of and can even destroy parts of your home. Modern vinyl siding can prevent insect infestations in your home. Capitol Exteriors installs vinyl siding and rain gutters in homes throughout the West Jordan and Orem areas.

Bugs Infiltrate Vinyl Siding

  • Wood bees, also known as carpenter bees, can make their way under vinyl siding to access the wood beneath it. When they do, they make holes in the wood that become tunnels that the bees live in. Untreated, this problem can spread and weaken your structure.
  • Wasps make nests in lots of different places. If you see a wasps’ nest under your rain gutter or eaves, you can remove it with a long stick or hose. (Consider drenching the nest in insecticide first to avoid being stung.) If wasps get under your siding, however, they are a lot more difficult to evict. You may not be sure exactly where the nest is, and it is hard to access without destroying your vinyl siding.
  • Earwigs are also famous for invading homes via the siding. Earwigs are ugly, thin and fast as lighting, so they’re hard to catch and kill. A nest full of earwigs under your vinyl siding is nightmarish. Also, while the sting from their pinchers is not on par with bees and wasps, it is still extremely unpleasant.

Today’s modern vinyl siding can help protect against insect infestations.

Vinyl Siding in Orem & West Jordan

Wood siding has always been vulnerable to pests, including termites. Wood also needs to be protected from the elements, so homeowners must frequently stain or paint it, which is time-consuming and expensive.

For this reason, many homeowners were excited when vinyl siding was invented. Vinyl is inexpensive, impervious to the elements and needs no maintenance.

However, older versions of vinyl siding are slightly less durable than the modern varieties. They’re more vulnerable to cracking, and it’s these cracks that provide pathways for undesirable insects to gain access to your home. Old vinyl siding also tends to warp more often, which can leave gaps in your siding.

Insects are attracted to your home because it’s cool, dark and keeps them safe from the elements and predators. Your home does the same for you, and you don’t want to share it with bugs!

Vinyl Siding from Capitol Exteriors

Today’s vinyl siding creates a nearly impenetrable barrier for bugs. However, it’s important for the vinyl siding to be installed correctly to provide the best protection. Any gaps are like a blinking neon sign inviting bugs into your home.

You can find the best vinyl siding installers in Orem & West Jordan at Capitol Exteriors. We have many years of experience with installation as well as siding repairs. Has your vinyl siding seen better days? If you see cracks, warping or gaps, your vinyl siding is not protecting your home. Contact Capitol Exteriors today for an estimate to repair or replace your vinyl siding.

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