The Importance of Downspouts for Rain Gutters

downspouts for rain gutters

You know how important rain gutters are to the integrity of your home — they collect the rainwater that falls on your roof and carry it safely away. But where does the water go? It should go far enough away from your home so that it is no longer a threat to the structure. That’s why you need downspouts, and maybe even downspout extenders. Capitol Exteriors is the top rain gutter installer in West Jordan, and we can make sure your downspouts are in good working order.

Proper Rain Gutter Slope

When rain gutters are installed properly, they’re at a slight slope that prevents the water from pooling. Pooling water in your rain gutters can cause all kinds of problems, including clog formation, mildew growth and ripe conditions for mosquitos to breed.

Your rain gutters should be sloped toward the corners of your home, where they are attached to downspouts. The water flows into the downspout and spews out at an elbow attachment near the ground.

Unfortunately, what can happen is that debris lodged in the gutters can create a clog in the downspout, causing the water to back up and spill over the edge of the gutter at the corner of your home. Gutter guards can help prevent this, but it can still happen.

The Danger of Clogged Downspouts

This allows rainwater to seep into the ground near your foundation, instead of being directed away by the elbow at the bottom of the downspout, defeating the purpose of your rain gutter system. Soggy ground around your foundation can seep into your home, widening cracks and promoting mildew growth.

It’s best to keep an eye on your rain gutters and your downspouts in between cleanings to make sure they’re not clogged. Every so often in a rainstorm, go outside and see if any part of your rain gutter system is overflowing.

Downspout Extenders

Also check to be sure the ground around your downspouts has time to dry in between rainstorms. Your rain gutter installers should have taken into account the slope around your property and installed rain gutter extenders, if necessary. A rain gutter extender is a black plastic flexible tube that attaches to the elbow at the bottom of your downspout and carries water farther from your home.

Some downspout extenders are buried in the ground and lead to a drain, but others simply sit on top of the ground.

If your downspouts have extenders, take a look at them from time to time and try to notice if you see any cracks that could allow the water to seep out prematurely.

Capitol Exteriors Installs Downspouts

Upon your inspections, if you notice any problems with your rain gutters or downspouts at your West Jordan home, call the team at Capitol Exteriors. We provide rain gutter installation, rain gutter repairs and home siding services throughout the West Jordan and Orem areas.

At Capitol Exteriors we provide quality workmanship and customer service, honesty and professionalism. We stand behind our work on every project and strive for excellence. It is through this belief that we attribute all of our success and look to build lasting relationships into the future.

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