Get Rain Gutter Repair Before Spring Rains Arrive

rain gutter repair

It’s spring here in West Jordan, Utah — and across the U.S. — and that means heavier and more frequent rainfall. Are your rain gutters up to the task? Capitol Exteriors provides rain gutter repair and rain gutter installation for homes and businesses throughout the West Jordan and Orem areas.

Rain Gutter Size

When it comes to rain gutters, size matters. Buildings in areas of the country that receive a high rainfall may need larger size gutters than we do here in Utah, where our climate is on the drier side.

But how often it rains is not as much of a consideration as how heavily it rains. That is to say, the more inches of rain that fall per hour, the more work your rain gutters have to do. And with the unpredictability of climate change, sudden heavy rainfalls are becoming more common.

Roof pitch is also a consideration for gutters. The higher a roof’s pitch, the more vulnerable it is to collecting windblown rain.

What Can Go Wrong with Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are workhorses and often last 20 years. But you should expect to need some rain gutter repairs during this time. Some common gutter problems include:

  • Sagging gutters: Your rain gutters must follow a slope from one end of the roof to the other so that the water can flow to the downspout easily without pooling or collecting in any one area. If your gutters are bent or sagging, you need rain gutter repair.
  • Gutters that have separated from the roof: Your rain gutters are attached to your home or business by one of a variety of different methods. Even if you get your gutters cleaned regularly, sometimes a gutter hanger will break. This is an easy fix, but it’s important to get done quickly. If your gutter is out of place, it can’t collect rainwater, which ends up pooling at your foundation.
  • Holes or cracks in gutters: Vinyl gutters are more prone to cracking, but steel gutters rust out more often. Whatever type of breach you have in your rain gutters, it’s important to get rain gutter repair right away.

Rain Gutter Repair & Replacement

If your gutters are getting near the end of their life expectancy, you may want to consider rain gutter replacement for your West Jordan or Orem home or commercial building. If you are thinking of replacing your roof in the near future, it’s a good idea to pair these two services — as long as it’s safe to wait. Capitol Exteriors can do an evaluation.

When you notice your rain gutters shifting, sagging or otherwise not doing the job you need them to do, call Capitol Exteriors. Our professional team of rain gutter repair technicians will take care of the problem so your building is safe and dry again.

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