6 Major Causes of Rain Gutter Problems

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It’s well-established that clogged rain gutters can lead to serious problems at your West Jordan home. If your gutters are obstructed and can’t direct water away from your home, they can lead to a leaky roof, wet and ruined insulation, crumbling and discolored walls, flooding in the basement, and even foundation rot. These problems threaten the structural integrity of your home and can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more to remediate. The professional team at Capitol Exteriors wants you to keep an eye out for the issues listed below at your home.

Ice Dams

This is a major gutter problem in colder climes. When your roof isn’t adequately insulated, heat bleeds out upwards, causing snowmelt. The water trickles down to the edges of your roof and then refreezes when it hits the colder gutter area. As this ice accumulates, it forms ice dams, which block the proper drainage of water into your gutters. If water and ice are allowed to sit on your roof, that could lead to leaking, rotting and potentially even a collapse.


Everyone knows trees make homes more attractive and even bump up property values, but they come with some potential nuisances. If you have trees that are mature of overhanging your home, you probably end up with a lot of leaves on your roof and in your rain gutters during the autumn months. These can form major obstructions, especially if they become wet, or are allowed to pile up and decompose. Once that happens and they form compost, windborne seeds can take root in your gutters, leading to weed and vine growth.


Moss may look like a harmless, velvety green carpet, but it can be disastrous for your roof and rain gutters. It commonly grows on wood, shake or asphalt shingles, and can quickly accumulate in the presence of moisture. It holds a ton of water relative to its size, so it can not only clog your gutters, but if allowed to build up, can also cause them to sag or even rupture.


Mold is a particularly pernicious problem, and if it’s allowed to grow unchecked in your rain gutters, can penetrate your home, where it can exacerbate health problems such as asthma or allergies. It often looks brown, black or green, and can be either fuzzy or slimy.


Similar to mold, algae is a bit more green — think of the slimy scum you might see on a pond. Algae often grows on wood or shake shingles, and like mold, it can be heavier than it looks since it holds a lot of water.

Design Flaws

Sometimes your rain gutters can become clogged even if they’re clear of debris or growth. If your rain gutters were improperly designed or installed, that can lead to problems with drainage and flow. For example, if your contractor didn’t take your roof’s square footage and pitch into account, or didn’t look up your area’s average rainfall intensity, they might have installed rain gutters that weren’t the right size or put in the wrong downspouts. Any of these problems can lead to inadequate drainage.

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