How to Choose a Siding Installer in West Jordan

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Has the siding on your West Jordan home seen better days? Modern-day siding can last for decades, but there comes a time when siding repair isn’t enough to fix the problems anymore. That’s when you need siding installation. Siding is a fairly serious investment in your home, so you want a siding company you can trust. But how do you know which siding contractor is best?

Siding Company Reputation

Like any business anywhere, reputation is paramount. A company cannot earn a good reputation if it doesn’t know its business well and treat its customers fairly.

Capitol Exteriors has been a top siding contractors in West Jordan for many years, and we get excellent reviews from our customers. We publish some of them on our website, but when you’re looking for a siding company, always check out third-party review sites as well, since they will be more impartial. We are proud of our 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

Experience with Installing Siding

We are experts at installing the most in-demand types of siding: vinyl, wood shakes and Hardie Board. All three require different skill sets, and we have mastered each and every one.

When you get siding for your home, of course you want it to look fantastic, but you want the job done correctly too. Homeowners spend a lot of time thinking about how their siding looks, but we’re here to remind you that the main function of your siding is to protect your home from the elements. That’s why the quality of siding installation is so important.

Ensure that the siding contractor you choose has many years of experience.

Get Estimates

You never want to get a big job done like siding your home without getting written estimates ahead of time. It’s best to call at least three siding contractors for estimates for siding installation.

Many homeowners report they automatically choose the estimate in the middle, thinking the lowest one is too good to be true and the highest one is exploitative. But don’t choose your siding company based on estimate alone. Consider it along with the other factors.

Licensing & Insurance

All responsible siding contractors are licensed, bonded and insured. Siding contractors are required by the state of Utah to be licensed, and being properly insured means if anything goes wrong while we’re on your property, our insurance company will handle it. In Utah, contractors must also be bonded in order to get their license, which means they put up a sum of money to be held in case any claims are filed against them.

Being licensed, bonded and insured is just part of the job of a good siding contractor in West Jordan.

Best Siding Company in Northern Utah

Now that you know what to look for in a siding installer, you can get started doing your research and scheduling your estimates. Capitol Exteriors can’t wait to hear from you!

At Capitol Exteriors we provide quality workmanship and customer service, honesty and professionalism. We stand behind our work on every project and strive for excellence. It is through this belief that we attribute all of our success and look to build lasting relationships into the future.

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