How to Choose a Rain Gutter Color for Your West Jordan Home

rain gutters West Jordan

Are you planning on installing new rain gutters? Performance is the key concern for most West Jordan homeowners, as having a fully functional gutter system helps fend off roof leaks and foundation damage. However, appearance matters, too – and you want to choose a color that enhances the look of your home.

Deciding on the right color for new gutters can be a difficult task. To guide your choice, ask yourself the following questions.

Can the Gutters Be Seen from the Curb?

Go stand near the curb in front of your home and see if your current rain gutters are visible. If not, your color choice may not matter as much. But, a bold or contrasting shade could draw the eye to the gutter system, which could affect your curb appeal.

What Color is Your Home’s Rooftop?

West Jordan homeowners frequently opt to match their rain gutters to their roofing. Doing so can be a smart strategy, as going with the same color makes the gutter system virtually disappears — it appear to be an extension of the roofline.

What Color is Your Home’s Siding?

Similarly, going with a color that echoes that of your home’s siding can allow your new gutter system to blend in. If you don’t want your rain gutters to be a visual feature, matching them to the siding you have in place may be the best approach.

What Color is Your Exterior Trim?

Depending on the style of your West Jordan home, a color that coordinates with the exterior trim might make better sense than the shade of your roof or siding. Choose the same color as the door and window trim, your home will have visual harmony.

Do You Belong to a Homeowners Association?

If your neighborhood is part of a homeowners association, you may not have full control over the color of any exterior property features. Before you install a new gutter system, find out if there are any restrictions on exterior colors to avoid issues with the HOA.

Having trouble deciding on a color for your new rain gutters? Let the professionals at Capitol Exteriors help. We have extensive experience working with homeowners in northern Utah, and our team can guide you toward the right decision.

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